Shopify SEO Services

The best Shopify SEO services can help your small business outrank Fortune 500 companies. Whether you need help setting up your store, increasing conversions on a well-established website, or quadrupling your organic traffic, we’re here to help.

Guided by our core belief that small businesses make the world a better place, HouseFM is dedicated to providing premium Shopify SEO services at affordable prices.

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Our Shopify SEO Services Include​:

Content Strategy

Backed by industry keyword research, our content roadmap will outline new content, optimization suggestions, and a plan for enforcing content hierarchy.

Technical SEO

HouseFM implements all technical SEO optimization in-house, including Schema markup, URL optimization, and core metric improvement.

Performance Analysis

We conduct weekly audits to determine top landing pages, indexing errors, and opportunities to increase web health and organic performance.

In-House Content Creation

We create all content in-house. Our in-depth content marketing will not only drive organic traffic: We’ll work with you to capture your brand voice.

Off-Site Link Building

Building domain authority through high-quality backlinks is a priority. We will identify and negotiate off-site link-building opportunities for you.

Integration & Analytics

We will integrate with Google Analytics and Search Console accounts to ensure regular crawls and accurate web traffic data for years to come.

Startup-Friendly Pricing

Coming from a family of small business owners, Lead SEO Manager Burgess Powell is dedicated to providing transparent and fair pricing on all Shopify SEO services.

For large, bloated marketing agencies who will upsell you services that your small business doesn’t need, we believe in a lean marketing approach:

Working with you to better understand your customers, product(s), business model, and existing traffic, we’ll create a customized organic traffic strategy for you without running up the tab.

Why Do I Need Shopify SEO Services?

There are over a million Shopify stores in the U.S. Our Shopify SEO Services will set your website apart from the rest.

Organic traffic converts 2–3x more than social media marketing.

Over 70% of Google visitors click the first organic search result.

Conversions drop ~4.4% with every additional second of load time.

Affordable Shopify SEO Services for Small Businesses

SEO Website Audit

  • A comprehensive view of your website’s errors and opportunities.
  • A keyword roadmap that will guide future content creation.
  • A blueprint for future Shopify SEO success.

Backed by years of Shopify SEO experience, we can set your Shopify store apart from the rest.

The best place to start is with a comprehensive website audit, the findings of which we’ll review with you. This will include your website’s biggest technical SEO errors on your website, most significant keyword opportunities, and website structuring issues.

Some Shopify SEO services hand you the results of their automated audits and walk away, leaving you with a list of expensive, tough-to-implement changes.

For us, a custom audit is only the first step. Next, we do it all for you.

We improve website speed by 30% on average

Technical SEO Implementation

  • Technical SEO work is implemented in-house and included in our fee.
  • We will make your website as fast and mobile-friendly as possible.
  • Our Shopify SEO services closely follow Google updates and best practices.

We include all technical SEO changes as part of our Shopify SEO services fee.

Need help with schema markup? Optimizing for crawlability? Improving speed and Core Web Vitals? Understanding link structure? Not sure where to begin? We will do all this and more for your store.

At HouseFM, we are obsessed with speed — and we understand that optimizing for speed on Shopify can be a big challenge.

Not only does improving speed increase your Google rankings, but it will increase conversions, too.

With that in mind, we implement all technical SEO changes in-house (CSS, HTML, Liquid, JavaScript). This includes theme customization, template creation, image optimization, schema markup, AMP, and ensuring that search engines are correctly indexing your website.

Not only does improving speed increase your Google rankings, but it will increase conversions, too.

With that in mind, we implement all technical SEO changes in-house (CSS, HTML, Liquid, JavaScript). This includes theme customization, template creation, image optimization, schema markup, AMP, and ensuring that search engines are correctly indexing your website.

In-House Content Creation

  • We create 100% of content in-house. No freelancers.
  • Unlimited content rewrites until you love it.
  • Years of experience ranking on the first page of Google.

Identifying keywords is easy. Creating compelling content that ranks on the first page of Google is the real challenge — especially for a newer website.

At HouseFM, we will do all this and more for you.

Starting with thorough industry research, an audit of your website, and your input, we’ll create a content marketing strategy — a fancy term for a detailed spreadsheet in which we identify top keyword opportunities, outline content creation, and organize current and future initiatives so as to avoid duplicate content.

We create 100% of content in-house and offer unlimited edits.

Most Shopify SEO services will outsource content creation to freelancers abroad, leaving you with less control over what is written and lower-quality content.

Our Shopify SEO experts understand that keywords and SEO aren’t the only important aspects of a successful strategy: content should be written for people, not robots. Capturing your brand voice and including calls to action are cornerstones of our Shopify SEO services.

We are also pleased to offer unlimited re-writes. If you’re not thrilled with the content, neither are we.

Off-Site Link Building Is Included In Our Shopify SEO Services

We understand that small businesses may not have the marketing budget to pay for expensive content placements. That’s why we’ll help get your brand name (and website) out there with creative off-site link-building strategies.

For larger content placement opportunities, we will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get a fair price.

Shopify SEO Services for Your New Website

Starting from scratch? Don’t be daunted: We’ve helped many websites start from a standstill. Wondering how to set up a Shopify store? We can help you do that, too, positioning your website for organic success later on.

Let a Shopify SEO Expert Set Up Your Store

It can be tough to know where to start. When you work with us to set up your store, we’ll help you hit the ground running — and create a strategy for keeping your website optimized and user-friendly. Our Shopify SEO services may include:

Finding the best Shopify theme for your business.

Customizing your theme for speed and organic traffic success.

Creating the first round of keyword-oriented content.

Exploring conversion rate and customer flow best practices.

Helping you with shipping policies, return policies and other settings.

Providing you with store-specific best practices for future success.

All stores that we currently work with rank in the top 10% Shopify stores of their launch year in terms of organic traffic.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is a never-ending list of tweaks that make it easier for search engine crawlers to understand and index your website.

Think of a crawler as a robot that Google sends out to categorize your website in Google search results.

The easier it is for crawlers to understand your website, the better your website ranks for keywords: words/phrases that your ideal customer types into a search box to find the answers/products she is looking for.

Shopify SEO differs from SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which includes Google Ads or Social Media Marketing. In SEM and social media marketing, you pay for advertising. When you stop paying, your website disappears from view.

11 Questions to Ask Anyone Providing Shopify SEO Services

Unlike other companies that hand you a report of technical on-page SEO changes and content marketing to implement yourself, we do it all for you at no additional charge. No matter who you hire, we recommend asking any potential marketing company the following questions.

1. What do your Shopify SEO services include?

For instance, do they “analyze” your site and give you a glossy presentation of changes you have to implement yourself, or do they do your technical SEO themselves?

2. Do your services include content creation?

If it is a separate fee, know that you will eventually have to pay this as well. Content is critical to Shopify SEO success–no matter your industry or product.

3. Do you create content in-house?

Many outsource content to cheaper, overseas writers who deliver low-quality content you’ll want off your website. 

4. Do I own the materials that you produce for me?

You should own 100% of whatever they do for your website, though not their trade secrets.

5. Will you be implementing technical changes in-house?

As is the case with content, you’ll want to hire Shopify SEO services who implement the changes themselves, rather than leave you to hire your own developer.

6. How will you increase my traffic?

Anyone who avoids this question is not to be trusted. Shopify SEO is not magic but a series of tedious changes. They should give you some examples.

7. Will my website rank #1?

Don’t trust anyone who says yes. This is not something that even specialized Shopify SEO services can guarantee because there are many factors outside of our control.

8. Will you move my website to a different CMS?

This will make it extremely difficult to stop using their services. You are better off sticking with a platform, like Shopify, that many developers know how to use.

9. Do you specialize in Shopify SEO?

Unfortunately, optimizing for e-commerce is more difficult than for a blog or media company. HouseFM has worked with over a dozen Shopify stores, large and small.

10. May I speak with a current client?

You’ll want to check out whether these sites seem legit and see if their clients are satisfied.

11. How will you communicate with me?

Not only will you want to know what they’ve changed and when , but you’ll want to know how and when they’ll communicate with you.