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E-Commerce SEO Expert for Small Businesses

I’m an e-commerce SEO expert with a deep love for growth hacking B2C businesses to success. I work with dozens of e-commerce websites in industries including luxury fashion, health, sports, and cannabis to capture all-time high levels of high-conversion organic traffic — no matter their platform or budget.

If you’re looking for an e-commerce SEO expert who will develop a scalable strategy, audit your website, implement all technical SEO changes and write all content for your website herself, then I’m your gal.

Tell me a little about your business and we can schedule a free, no-commitment phone call.

Looking for an E-Commerce SEO Expert Who Delivers?

I’ve started websites from a standstill that now rank #1 on Google for high-volume keywords. I’ve helped established businesses reach all-time high organic traffic and conversions. Here’s how I do it.

Conduct an E-Commerce SEO Audit

First, I’ll go through literally every page of your website to identify issues and big opportunities. This spans technical SEO services and content marketing. In other words, what technical factors are holding your website back, and what content do we need to create to drive traffic?

Optimize Your E-Commerce Store

Instead of leaving you with the results of an audit, I will implement all suggested optimizations myself, including theme code changes (barring major code updates and migrations). Typically, this entails making your site significantly faster, more user-friendly, and better quality per Google ranking factors.

We’re experts in Shopify SEO, as well as Magento and WordPress.

Create Compelling Keyword-Oriented Content

Identifying your business’ biggest keyword opportunities based on existing rankings and competitor research is critical. With a background in professional writing, I am the only e-commerce SEO expert I know who writes 100% of your website content herself.

An Expert in E-Commerce Backlink Opportunities

If you have a budget for content placements, I will conduct research on platforms relevant to your audience and negotiate placements on your behalf. Don’t have a budget for backlinks? This is where I get creative and find domain rating-boosting (and free) opportunities.

Questions to Ask Your E-Commerce SEO Expert (Even If She Isn't Me)

#1 Can You, as an E-Commerce SEO Expert, Help Me Rank #1 on Google?

#2. Can You Give Me Examples of Website You've Worked On and the Results You’ve Achieved?​

#3 How Long Until I See Results?

#4 Does Your E-Commerce SEO Fee Include In-House Technical Change Implementation?

Sometimes, when you pay for an e-commerce SEO expert, you are only buying what’s called an audit: this is a document with a list of technical problems on your website that you never knew existed.

An SEO audit does not include how to solve these technical issues nor indicate that the expertwill make the changes for you.

The idea is that you’ll have your own development team implement these changes or that you’ll hire that e-commerce expert to do so — for an extra fee, of course.

Make sure that what you’re paying for includes the implementation of the majority of these technical changes.

Otherwise, this will become a very expensive endeavor for you.

This does not mean that your SEO agency will double as your web developer. Major changes will cost an additional fee. These may include aesthetic changes or major updates, such as migrating a site, updating a very old website, etc.

#5 Does Your E-Commerce SEO Fee Include Content Creation?

#6 If So, Do You Create All Content In-House?

#7. Will I Own the Content You Create for Me?

#8. How Many People Within Your E-Commerce SEO Agency Will Have Access to the Back End of My Site?

#9. Does Your E-Commerce SEO Service Have Its Own CMS?

#10. How Often Will You Communicate With Me?

#11 Does Your Agency Have E-Commerce SEO Experience?

#12 Does You Offer Off-Page SEO?