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B2B SEO Agency: High-Quality Web Traffic Growth

As a B2B SEO agency, we understand the challenges and opportunities in business-to-business marketing and will develop your custom strategy accordingly. We’ll work with you not only to improve organic keyword rankings and traffic, but to increase the quality of your leads, conversion rates, and online reputation in the eyes of Google and your customers.

Tailoring content to convey your business’ messaging and value propositions is our specialty as a B2B SEO agency. Our clients currently span manufacturing, fashion, healthcare, sportswear, and cannabis industries and average three to four-figure annual organic traffic growth.

Our specialties

Our B2B SEO Services

On-Page Optimization

As essential component of organic traffic growth is creating a lean, crawler-friendly website in accordance with Google's ranking factors. This includes fixing on-page errors, as well as optimizing metadata, structured data, and schema.

B2B SEO Content Writing

Working with you to capture your brand voice, we'll create a content strategy and create 100% of content in-house, with unlimited edits. Not only is our content backed by thorough industry and keyword research, but it's written for humans, not robots.

Off-Page Link Building

Building your website's domain authority and awareness are critical to any successful B2B SEO strategy. Whether your link budget is 10k a month or zero, we'll identify ways to boost your web presence.

On average, HouseFM clients’ websites become 30% faster.

B2B SEO Services: What We Do Differently

Forget the buzzwords. Along with developing a research-backed strategy for high-quality organic traffic growth, our B2B SEO agency is dedicated to transparency in our processes.

Lean, Dominant Organic Growth Strategies

The average HouseFM client who has been with us for over a year has averaged four-figure organic traffic growth. How? Not only will we make your website on its existing platform lean, structured, and compliant with Google ranking factors, but we’ll create a comprehensive content marketing strategy to garner high-quality, high-converting organic traffic.

Our B2B SEO agency secret? We outsource nothing. All research, code updates, and content is created in-house.

Data-Driven B2B SEO Strategy

Organic traffic growth doesn’t need to happen behind a curtain. We will share scheduled content and on-page change roadmaps with you for both your approval and knowledge.

Unlike our competitors, we won’t leave you with a list of changes for which you’ll require a developer. Our B2B SEO agency completes all technical optimizations ourselves.

In-House Content Creation

We create 100% of content in-house in the United States. Our time-tested strategy is that the best way to increase organic traffic is to create content that appeals to potential clients — not just Google crawlers. For this reason, we offer unlimited content edits and will work with you to capture your brand voice.

Transparent B2B SEO Pricing

On-page changes and create all keyword-oriented content are included in our fee. We believe that a diversity of businesses makes our country a better place, and that online competition is the best way to boost business.

With that in mind, our B2B SEO content writer fee is always included in our original price. For businesses requiring large quantities for content creation, we also offer discounted rates.

Getting Started: Our B2B SEO Process

1. Audit

Analyze website to understand current performance, most pressing errors affecting site health, existing traffic, and brand identity.

2. Research

Create customer profiles and conduct industry research to understand keyword opportunities, search intent and competitor rankings.

3. B2B SEO Roadmap

Prioritize on-page SEO fixes, outline new B2B SEO content pieces, and suggested edits to existing pages. Submit for approval.

4. On-Page Implementation

Fix most urgent errors affecting Google rankings, including broken links, duplicate content, speed issues, and unclear site hierarchy.

5. B2B SEO Content Writing

Begin first round of content creation, including edits to existing content and new pieces targeting largest keyword opportunities.

6. Analysis

Analyze effects of on-page optimization and content to refine our B2B SEO strategy and proceed to new content creation and further optimization.