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Small Business SEO Services

The best small business SEO services enable you to compete with Fortune 500 companies on the first page of Google. At HouseFM, we believe that small businesses make our world a better, more interesting place. With that in mind, we offer our premium small business SEO services at prices that you can actually afford. Unlike other SEO agencies that will send you a bill then outsource your work, we’ll implement all on-page SEO changes and create 100% of content in-house — all at affordable, startup-friendly prices.

Did you know that organic search results convert 3x more than social media ads and have the lowest bounce rate of all marketing channels?

HouseFM specializes in e-commerce SEO for small businesses and local SEO for small businesses. Get started with affordable small business SEO services today with one of our packages that includes content creation, technical SEO, and off-page link building.

SEO Packages for Small Businesses

Our baseline SEO package will include the three following components, with an emphasis on the first two for lean budgets. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing and delivering real value without hidden fees.

On-Page SEO

All of our packages include technical SEO changes, including site hierarchization, speed optimization, schema markup, URL optimization, and search engine error identification and fixes.

 We conduct 100% of on-page SEO fixes (barring major code updates) in-house for one startup-friendly price.

Content Creation

Creating compelling, keyword-oriented content that drives organic traffic is the cornerstone of our small business SEO services.

No matter your industry, we’ll work with you to meet your content requirements.

Plus, we offer unlimited edits until you love it.

Off-Page SEO

Based on industry research, we’ll identify opportunities big and small based to boost domain authority via systematic third-party website link placements.

We can negotiate significant content placements, write content on your behalf, identify free link-building opportunities, and everything in between.

SEO for Small Businesses Is Different. Here's How We Do It.

Appearing on the first page of Google will make or break your business — no matter whether you operate your business out of your apartment or have a flagship store on 5th avenue.

Unfortunately, it is easier to rank #1 for a keyword if you have an old, highly trafficked website.

Luckily, small business SEO is our expertise. Through years of experience, we’ve developed several growth hacking strategies to help newer websites, especially e-commerce companies, dramatically improve their organic traffic.

In other words, providing you with a lean SEO package that gets you the results you want without the glossy marketing price tag is our specialty. Here’s what we offer.

Content Strategy and Creation

First thing’s first: we’ll do a deep-dive into your business and your industry. What are achievable but high-value keyword targets for your website? After creating a content marketing roadmap, including outlines for all new and existing content pieces, we’ll create 100% of your website content for you.

But on-page content isn’t just for robots: The best small business SEO services understand that content only drives organic traffic if it resonates with your readers and captures your brand voice. With that in mind, we offer unlimited edits until you and your customers love it.

On-Page Technical SEO

HouseFM small business SEO services include a different approach to on-page technical optimization. Following Google’s best practices, we will help you create a website hierarchy so help Google crawlers navigate your content. With that strong foundation, we’ll make your site typically 30%+ faster — encouraging conversions and improving your rankings in the process.

Our small business SEO services pay close attention to mobile-first design, URL, title, description and schema optimization, and internal errors per Google’s updates. We’ll also set up proper reporting for you so that you can track your website traffic growth for years to come.

Off-Page SEO Services

Simply put, off-page SEO encompasses all optimization that does not occur on your website. Working with you to understand your business, we’ll develop a strategy to bring more customers to your website through off-page link building, social media, and content placements.

Routinely gaining backlinks — links to your website from credible websites — will not only drive traffic but establish your website as an authority. Our small business SEO services include identifying link-building opportunities.

Local SEO for Small Businesses

The majority of new customers will arrive at a store thanks to a Google or maps search. This means that establishing a presence in your neighborhood and ranking for certain region-specific search terms can make or break your business.

Our expertise lies in boosting brick-and-mortar store traffic for many of our customers through on and off-page optimization efforts while simultaneously boosting their e-commerce conversions.

Routinely gaining backlinks — links to your website from credible websites — will not only drive traffic but establish your website as an authority. Our small business SEO services include identifying link-building opportunities.

Experts in E-Commerce SEO for Small Businesses

E-commerce SEO is harder than optimizing a blog. Why? Simply put, because it’s in search engines’ best interest to have you purchase ads on their platforms.

Luckily for you, we’re experts in Shopify SEO. Through years of experience growth hacking small businesses to amazing success on Google, we’ve developed a methodical, lean approach to 10x-ing your e-commerce business.

SEO Services Beyond Google​

Though driving organic traffic from Google is the cornerstone of many marketing strategies, it is far from the only search engine out there. Depending on your business model, we’ll work with you to optimize for the platforms that make the most sense for you.

YouTube SEO Services

Owned by Google, YouTube also has an excellent algorithm for delivering high-quality content to its audience. Luckily for you and your business, YouTube channels and videos can also be maximized for search.

Want to increase traffic to your YouTube channel or believe that YouTube could be a critical part of your marketing strategy? Let’s get started.

Amazon Optimization

Amazon is the second-largest search engine after Google. And, just like Google, Amazon success stories are not (often) random. As small business SEO services for e-commerce, we have years of experience optimizing your presence on Amazon through keyword-oriented content creation, reviews, page optimization, and much more.

Google Shopping, Discover and Maps

Google is an ever-evolving conglomerate that extends far beyond search. Maps, Shopping, and Discover account for a larger percentage of traffic than ever — and constitute significant opportunity for small businesses with brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce startups, and savvy publishers.

In our strategies, we work with you to discover untapped and unconventional marketing channels that yield big dividends.

Bing and DuckDuckGo Traffic

Yes, Google rules the roost but Bing and DuckDuckGo drive an increasing amount of traffic to our customers’ websites with the rise of new browsers and technology. With that in mind, we’ll optimize your website for high performance across all search engines, big and small.

Etsy SEO Services

A great platform for finding products from smaller retailers, Etsy is an increasing part of many retailers’ strategies. The advantage with Etsy is that it isn’t typically thought of as a platform for small business SEO services. This translates to lots of opportunity for us and our clients.

Small Business SEO Services Add-Ons

Though not technically search engine optimization, HouseFM offers the following marketing efforts in tandem with our organic traffic expertise.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Unlike organic marketing, SEM includes all paid aspects of search engine marketing. This typically includes Google Ads and Bing Ads.

At HouseFM, we believe that a strong organic search foundation is step 1 of a search engine marketing initiatives. However, adding Google Ads to your marketing strategy may also increase your organic traffic, too.

With that in mind, we can include SEM in our SEO packages for small businesses.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing includes all forms of paid marketing on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat. As a small business ourselves, we are experts in making your ad dollars go far.

With that in mind, we will A/B test marketing messaging, channels, customer profiles, formats, and calls to action to hone in on your business’ value proposition and ideal customer.

In other words, our methodical approach to social media marketing is unparalleled and the perfect accompaniment to our small business SEO services.