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Scale Your Business with a Startup Marketing Consultant

A startup marketing consultant with experience scaling small companies to compete digitally with established competitors. As a startup marketing agency, we can help you growth-hack your way to a stronger, more authoritative digital presence. Experts in social media marketing and SEO for startups, HouseFM will help you grow significant, sustained, and qualified organic traffic to foster your business for years to come.

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Our Startup Marketing Consultant Services

Based on your company, industry, and budget, we’ll create a strategy tailored to your business, whether you’re looking for Shopify SEO services or a B2B SEO agency. Here are the services we offer.

SEO for Startups

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is typically at the core of our strategies. This means optimizing for on-page SEO ranking factors, making it typically 30% faster (our average), and more crawler and user-friendly.

Content Creation

We are experts in keyword-oriented content creation and create 100% of content in-house. The objective of our content creation efforts is for your website to rank for keywords — words that your customer types into search engines — to reach your website.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

In tandem with our organic traffic acquisition strategies, we often pair search engine management. As startup marketing consultants, we’ll create a keyword buying strategy for your website based on your products, industry, and budget.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is often a cornerstone of e-commerce marketing. With that in mind, we can do everything from creating a roadmap for ad A/B testing as a form of customer discovery to run your social media accounts.

Startup Marketing with a Growth Hacker Mindset

What’s the ‘secret’ to competing with larger, more established domains on the first page of Google without the price tag? Our successes hinge on our ability to growth hack our way to success. This means understanding all of Google’s ranking factors and optimizing your website to meet them — all while creating significant, keyword-oriented content, also known as content marketing.

A Different Kind of Startup Marketing Consultant

Startup Mindset

We’ve helped dozens of small businesses scale through our innovative growth hacking approach, and we’d love to help yours. Scale your business for a fraction of the cost.

Fair Pricing

We have a soft spot for entrepreneurs and believe that small businesses make our world a better place. As a result, we offer flexible pricing and the occasional innovative exchange.

A Wealth of Experience

We’ve been obsessed with SEO for startups since before it was cool and have a deep understanding of ranking factors and search engine algorithmic changes

We Do It All

Not only do we regularly audit your website, but we will create all content and implement all suggested SEO changes (barring major code updates) ourselves.

Marketing strategies shouldn’t be a secret. Our lead startup marketing consultant is a big believer in transparency. That’s why we’re always available to talk and explain our methods.

A Tailored Startup Marketing Strategy for Your Business

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Not only are we an SEO agency, but we specialize in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), also known as Google Ads, and social media marketing.

Before we agree to anything, we’ll work with you to better understand your market, your product, and your customers. For some companies, we operate as a strictly organic traffic-focused startup marketing consultant; for others, it’ may involve paid ads on multiple platforms.

Unlike other agencies that will max out your budget, we’re price-friendly. We’ll work with you to identify the 20% of marketing efforts that will yield 80% of the results you want today — not harness every social media platform at once.

What Is a Typical Startup Marketing Budget?

This is always a challenging question for us to answer. Though we tend to 100–1000x your traffic, we can’t force customers to convert. In other words, we won’t tell you to put 100% of your funds toward boosting traffic at the expense of product development.

With that in mind, the typical budget we see as startup marketing consultants is 15% of your budget — though this figure can be as high as 40%.