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A Digital Marketing Agency Dedicated to Scalable Results

The best digital marketing agency delivers results, offers transparent pricing, and works with you to build an impressive online presence for your business. Run by a digital marketing consultant with years of B2C and B2B marketing experience, HouseFM will create a streamlined, data-driven marketing plan to increase organic, paid, and social traffic to your website.

Looking for the best digital marketing agency in New York? We’re here to help.

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

We offer SEO, content marketing, SEM, email/text marketing, and social media marketing services. Not sure which approach will yield the most qualified online traffic to your business? We’ll work with you to curate a marketing strategy that yields the best results for your business based on industry research and our experience.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We believe that the best digital marketing agency founds their strategy on SEO services, otherwise known as search engine optimization. Why? Potential visitors who type keywords — search terms aimed at finding a product or service or answering a question — into search engines convert higher than all other forms of marketing with the exception of email marketing.

We’ve worked with dozens of B2B and B2C businesses to drive qualified organic traffic to websites large and small through SEO.

Content Marketing

Especially for lean marketing operations, content marketing — adding compelling, keyword-oriented content to your website — is critical for driving organic traffic. With that in mind, content marketing is always included in our SEO proposals, and 100% of writing is conducted in-house.

The content that appears on your website plays a critical role in conveying your company’s value propositions and brand voice. HouseFM is founded by an English major and writer, and we pride ourselves on creating well-written content that will impress potential customers.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

One of our digital marketing agency beliefs is that, when it comes to SEO and SEM, the sum is not the value of its parts. In other words, our systematic approach to Google Ads keyword bidding, for instance, will boost organic keyword rankings, too, and vice versa.

The perfect accompaniment to our SEO efforts, Search Engine Marketing encompasses all paid search engine activities, with an emphasis on Google Ads. Our B2B digital marketing agency also offers SEM services backed by industry research and A/B testing.

Email & Text Marketing

Email marketing is the highest converting marketing channel — and therefore a critical part of your digital marketing strategy.

Maintaining a compelling, open line of communication with past customers and potential leads is critical to boosting brand awareness and nurturing future conversions.

For e-commerce businesses, this may involve customer flows, abandoned cart emails, timed discounts and news updates. For B2B businesses, email marketing may entail updating new and potential customers on new offerings, company updates, and building brand trust.

Social Media Marketing

Most businesses know that social media is critical for reaching new potential customers and boosting brand trust, but few digital marketing agencies can offer a targeting social media marketing approach.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to anything — but especially when it comes to social media. At HouseFM, we work with you to understand your customer profiles and social habits to create a targetted, affordable approach.

Our Agency's Approach to Digital Marketing

Lean digital marketing is our specialty. As a strong advocate for independent businesses, HouseFM prides itself on fair and transparent pricing. Plus, we implement all technical website fixes and create all content in-house rather than outsource our work overseas.

Our digital marketing agency takes an SEO-first approach. We believe that targeting searchers who are already Googling your products, services or related topics is the best way to boost your business. SEM, social media marketing, and email marketing are critical components of later strategies with a solid organic traffic foundation.

How You Can Benefit from a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency?

60 Billion

Google searches per month in 2020.


E-Commerce growth between Q1 2020 and Q1 2021.

267 Million

Unique visitors to Google in the U.S. in 2020.


Percentage of U.S. retail sales that occurred online in 2020.

Maintaining a strong online presence on search engines and social media is critical — no matter your business model. The question remains: What is the best way for your company to establish itself online? Luckily, we’re here to help.

Our specialty is conducting market research to identify your biggest opportunities — and focus on these through content marketing, search engine optimization, search engine management, and much more.