Content Marketing Agency For B2B Digital Growth

As a content marketing agency, we will develop a content strategy for your brand, backed by keyword research, and meet 100% of your content creation needs in-house. Founded by an English major, HouseFM is dedicated to capturing your brand voice through your custom content marketing strategy. No matter your industry or existing traffic, our proven strategy will help you reach your traffic and conversion goals.

A content marketing agency that enables your customers to find you.

What We Do Differently: HouseFM offers full-service content creation: We research, strategize, and create all content in-house. Not only have we helped startups outrank Fortune 500 companies on Google, but we will work closely with you to ensure that all content reflects your brand’s values. We also offer unlimited edits to ensure that you love it, too.

Let’s build your audience and drive some serious traffic.

In-House Content Creation Services

Keyword Strategy

Working with you, we conduct research into your industry (and competitors), existing traffic sources, opportunities for optimization, and high-priority keyword targets.

Content Marketing Roadmap

Editorial roadmap of what content will be created and when, complete with outlines and where new content falls within your site hierarchy.

Content Creation

We’ll meet all of your in-house content creation needs, from long-form written content to videos to infographics. We also offer unlimited rewrites.


This is the fun part. We get to see how your traffic is performing and explore opportunities for further on-page SEO. What are our next keyword targets?


Our Approach to Content Marketing Approach

Superior Content

Former English majors make the best writers. We are huge nerds when it comes to sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar. We are also sticklers for brand voice consistency and will work with you to get it right.

Thoughtful Research

No one likes spammy content. We conduct extensive research on our subject matter so that you can provide your readers with real information that will establish you as an expert in your field.

Unlimited Rewrites

We insist that you (and your website visitors) love the content on your website. That's why we're pleased to offer you unlimited rewrites until we capture your brand voice and values.

Our Process

Our in-house content marketing team can create long-form, optimized content on any topic. No matter your product, no matter your brand voice, we can work with you to build a results-driven content strategy backed by painstaking algorithm and industry research and content creation experience.

Keyword & Industry Research

Conduct keyword research based on your website's existing rankings, competitor analysis, and industry research.

New Content Creation

Following the first round of existing content changes, we begin creating new content targeting new, high-volume search queries.

content marketing

Content Marketing Roadmap

Create a content roadmap that includes outlines for new content as well as on-page SEO changes.

Existing Content Optimization

After reviewing changes with your team, we begin optimization of existing content based on prior research.

Time Matters with Content Marketing

One of the most important factors in ranking well on Google SERPs is time. Let’s build your digital growth strategy today.

Understanding Content Marketing

content marketing strategy


The word(s) that users type into a search engine, such as Google, DuckDuckGo, or Bing to reach the information she seeks. The idea behind content marketing is to rank on Google SERPs (search engine results pages) for words that are relevant to your business.

Content Marketing Strategy

The creation of a content roadmap that details future articles to be written, including keyword targets, an outline, and a publication date. We provide you with a content roadmap for approval before we begin the process.

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SEO Copywriting

A type of writing that contains keywords and is structured so as to garner organic traffic. Our content is written for humans, rather than robots. In other words, our content is compelling, well-researched, and varied.

How Does Content Marketing Different from Search Engine Optimization?

Content marketing is just one part of our small business SEO services, albeit a critical one. Though definitions may vary, we define SEO as the process of improving your website’s structure, adherence to Google algorithmic changes, speed, and technical SEO. Combine with our on-page SEO expertise for scalable organic traffic growth.