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Why We Exist

We believe that the next best thing is always sustainable. Started by a group of optimistic women and men who believe in the Earth, retail therapy, house music, and the power of the internet, HouseFM was born out of our desire for change.

There are websites out there that tell you what to buy. There are product companies out there that use terms engineered by marketing companies to sell you something you never knew you needed. We believe that sustainability isn’t an accessory. It’s replacing something that you already use every day with a more eco-friendly alternative.

We also admit that we’re not perfect. The world is currently full of things like unnecessary plastic packaging and budgets and planned obsolescence (i.e. making things so they break and you have to buy a new one). That’s why at HouseFM we’re striving to be as sustainable as we can in our day-to-day lives and purchases, all while sharing our favorite house music.