Cutting-edge marketing for small businesses

Backed by years of growth hacking experience, we’ll help your startup compete on a global playing field. Unlike other, bloated marketing agencies, we’ll work with you to create a lean marketing strategy that will get you the results you want without breaking the bank.

Our Core Beliefs

Small businesses are critical to our economy and they make our world a better place.

E-commerce is our future and, with the right help, the internet can level the playing field.

Who We Are

HouseFM is helmed by Burgess Powell, an experienced SEO manager with years of experience helping small businesses outrank Fortune 500 companies and their biggest competitors.

She has worked with dozens of websites, including luxury fashion, direct-to-consumer products, manufacturing, and cannabis industries.

In addition to her love for creating fast, optimized websites, Burgess comes from a family of small business owners. She understands the challenges and thrill of running your own company (which is why she does it herself).

An English major and writer in her spare time, Burgess edits 100% of on-page content that will appear of your site herself. Instead of farming your content needs out to overseas writers, we do all content creation in-house and edit until you are thrilled with the result.

Why We're Great at What We Do


We have works on dozens of stores on Shopify, WordPress, Magento and custom CMSes.

We have significant experience working with both B2B and B2C businesses, too.


We believe that our clients make the world a better place by providing great products and employing passionate people.

We will always go above and beyond for you.


100% of work, whether technical or content-related, is done in-house. This means that we, along with our clients, have complete control.

We’ll work with you to create content that drives traffic and makes sense for your brand.


The world of SEO is one of ever-changing rules that make little sense in the first place.

We’re experts in Google Algorithmic Updates, website hierarchy best practices, and so much more so you don’t have to be.